American Video Documentation drone above Denver, Colorado.
Work being done on the flat roof of a commercial building, Aerial drone shot by American Video Documentation.

Need aerial video and stills? You’ll get great looking aerial footage from our drone-mounted 4K or thermal infrared cameras–shot by American Video Documentation’s experienced drone pilot and videographer. From a few feet off the ground to hundreds of feet in the air, we’ll capture the scene the way you see it in your imagination. From cityscapes to mountaintops, we’ve shot stunning footage that takes a video to, pardon the pun, new heights. Our pilot, Andrew, is fully insured and highly qualified to virtually take to the skies because he’s licensed to fly both drones and real aircraft, including in the pilot’s seat of fighter jets. Just like fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, drones fly under FAA rules and regulations. Andrew gets the shot, and he does it safely and within official guidelines. At American Video Documentation, we’ve got you covered from every angle.

Aerial drone shot of public buildings, with green hills and blue sky in background. Shot by American /Video Documentation.
Aerial drone shot of roofers working on a very steep roof, shot by American Video Documentation.

Thermal imaging via drone

Side by side comparison of a FLIR thermal image and a naturall light image of a section of a commercial building's flat roof, shot by American Video Documentation.

At American Video Documentation, we go beyond capturing hi-def aerial scenes in normal, visible light by providing thermal infrared video documentation to business and industry. To the left, the top image is from FLIR thermal infrared footage of a section of a flat roof on a commercial building shot by Andrew, our drone pilot. This image shows damage to that section of the roof, which is not visible in the normal light image below it. Thermal imaging like this helps insurance companies that provide property, hazard, liability, and other forms of coverage to see the extent of damage to human-made and natural physical structures. This information can be critical in determining how insurance companies handle claims submitted by policy holders. Thermal video can also be used by construction firms, governments, engineering firms, and architectural firms to document a variety of conditions and situations. Included with the thermal video we shoot for you is a full report detailing the results revealed by the footage.

If the project you’re planning needs aerial video and/or still photography, contact us for more information about our drone capabilities: 303-475-2397, [email protected]. We’re good at what we do.